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Do you want to buy Caviar in Dubai but don't know, where to buy?? Here's the complete guide on how and where you can buy caviar online in Dubai and explore different types of Caviar at the best price.



King Caviar Dubai is a well established and the main dealer and supplier of Caviar in Dubai. Our Broad client list incorporates nearby clients from the Primary Restaurants, Duty Free Shops, Hotels and Catering Companies. Today our business has expanded in a better direction and we operate worldwide, spanning primarily across Europe and Middle East. We have widen our global connectivity with digital media and has become one of the best platforms to buy caviar online in Dubai.

Caviar from the King Caviars Dubai comes from the best sturgeons farms. These farms are water controlled and checked everyday. Amidst Covid-19, demand of Caviar in Dubai have increased exponentially. Caviar is not only known for being nutritious but also the ability to prevent from heart attack and to protect against deadly virures. Earlier, it was difficult to find it in shops or to buy caviar online in dubai but nowadays you can get everything in just one click. One such platform to buy caviar online is King Caviars Dubai, where you will the best quality caviars and free delivery all over UAE. 

We at King Caviars follows one motive, that is ” Bestest quality guaranteed at the cheapest price“. We ensure that the quality of our caviar is not reduced by any factor. That is why we are recommended by all our clients for our services. We have all the types of caviars available in different sizes starting from 30g – 1000g. We have Beluga Caviar, Royal Beluga Caviar, Ossetra Caviar, Madagascar Caviar, Imperial Caviar. In Dubai, Demand of Caviar is at peak. People are trying different receipes and trying something new. Even the top restaurants in Dubai have caviar in their menus.

Buying Caviar online in Dubai is a hazzle free process. All you have to do is browse different types and sizes of caviars at the best price, add to cart and straight away buy caviar online in Dubai and get it delivered at your door steps. 



Beluga Caviar

Beluga Caviar consists of  eggs of the beluga sturgeon. It is usually found in the  the world’s largest salt-water lake (Caspian Sea). It can be occasionally found in the Black Sea basin and sometimes in the Adriatic Sea. Eggs of Beluga Sturgeon is very large, varies in color from black to pale grey, and have a smooth, buttery flavor.


Beluga Caviar 

Royal Beluga Caviar

Royal Beluga is the largest egg of the sturgeon, it usually measures up to 6m and weighs up to 1000 kg and can live over 100 years. These eggs are fatty and creamy. It has very large grains and  very thin membrane, therefore, they chops out easily in the mouth, releasing a long finish with slightly buttery notes with rich and varied flavors. It have different color variants from light gray to jet black. Being the rarest, It is the most expensive of all caviars. 


Royal Beluga Caviar

Imperial Caviar

Imperial caviar is obtained from white sturgeon and often called “Golden Osetra,” and sometimes as “Royal Caviar”. One of rarest kind of caviar in dubai. This is a kind of caviar which is consumed by only royals and elite people. These caviars eggs are medium in size, and in  golden color and the flavor becomes smooth, creamy, and delicate.


Imperial Caviars

This type of caviar is obtained from Osetra Sturgeon. These caviars usually weighs around 50-400 pounds and can live up to 50 years. It is one of the most prized and expensive type of caviar in dubai. Osetra caviar is usually in deep brown colour and rarely in gold colour. Lighter osetra caviars are creamy and hav rich flavours whereas golden osetra is rarely found and have rich flavour as well.


Osetra Caviar 

Madagascar caviar is produced by cool fresh water and usually inexpensive labour. These black pearls have amazing menus which comes from the lovely island nation in Africa. These farms in Africa produces luxurious quality of caviars. King Caviar is the only supplier of this premium caviar in Dubai.


Madagascar Caviar

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