Caviar Osetra


  • Breed: Farm-Raised Caviar from Russian Sturgeon Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii.
  • Size: Its grain size varies from 2.9 mm to 3.0 mm.
  • Color: Light Brown color with greenish tint /Amber.
  • Texture: Melting soft, fine-smooth and delicate in texture.
  • Taste: Nutty & Creamy flavor.
  • Processing: Malossol method
  • Top Grade imported Sturgeon Caviar – Russian’s Choice!
  • Farm to Table – 100% Natural Sturgeon Caviar, No Artificial Coloring & Flavoring.
    • Processed and packed in HACCP inspected facility.
    • Same-day delivery.
    • All our caviar are vacuum packed in order to ensure the maximum freshness of this delicacy for your enjoyment.
    • 50g will serve 1-3 people.
    • 3 months shelf life from the date of packing.
    • Best before 48hours once the seal is broken.
  • Allergen: Contains Fish Egg.
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It is the traditional Russian Caviar Osetra. It is also one of the most delicious and popular kind amongst other elite types, known as Osetra Caviar. Ocietra is often called the “Golden child of Sturgeon family” for having one of the most flavorful caviar in the world that cedes only the Beluga’s and Kaluga’s caviar kinds.

Ocietra caviar stands somewhere in the middle between Beluga and Sevruga.

This unique placement makes it the bestselling elite product in the world. There are different types of Ocietra caviar that vary in colour and flavour.

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